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Flavour packed, delicious and truly Kenyan. Your guests will be back for more.

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Fresh, locally produced and as much as possible organic. We select our suppliers for their quality and how kindly they treat our world, never for their cheap prices.

 And for you, relaxation..

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. We go the extra mile. You can count on us to deliver. You focus on your guests, we take care of the rest.

Kenyan food!
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Karibu from Mama Kenia!

Samosa, Catering, Home Dinners, Cooking Workshops and Events


That is swahili for welcome. Welcome to our website!

Mama Kenia, Very Lekker. The first ever social enterprise in the Netherlands that specialises in the Kenyan Kitchen. We are the bigger better version of Mom’s Kenyan Kitchen. Kenyan food, Kenyan Style. A social enterprise set up in 2014 by Elizabeth Njeru with the aim of bringing people and cultures together by sharing her mother’s homemade Kenyan dishes and the rich Kenyan culture with others.

We are happy to say we have grown tremendously since then. Not in the least due to the invaluable support of our ever increasing customers and our professional networks. To everyone we say a big fat Asante Sana!!

In 2016 we go to the next level. We focus on Kenyan Finger Foods for retail, food service and horeca, on Catering Services for organisations, on Events and on our famous Home Dinners for individuals.

Our dream of helping make the Netherlands an even more wonderful place to live in continues. We add variety to the bitterbal and frikandel horeca card by bringing top notch Kenyan finger food products to the mainstream Dutch market; we help reduce the heavy burden on social security by creating jobs; we help reduce food waste by introducing delicious Kenyan classics made of goat meat to the Dutch mainstream market and we add our muscle to the efforts by many others to ensure our world is here for future generations by choosing to use only sustainably produced and traceable ingredients.

The essence of Mama Kenia is Joy, Purpose and Contribution.

We invite you to go on an adventure with us, and to be utterly enchanted.

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Authentic Kenyan Food. Home made. Fresh produce.

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